As an incentive for research, the government allocates 5% direct aid to universities belonging to the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities.For this reason CONICYT informs the Ministry of Education every year of the number of ISI publications from each of the 25 universities on this Council.

CONICYT obtains this information from the Thomson Reuters Web of Science database, formerly the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) Web of Knowledge.

The papers appearing on the Web of Science between January 1 and December 31 of each year, independent of the year they appear in the journal (year of publication), i.e., only the year in which they are indexed in the Web of Science (year of indexation), are taken into account.

The information regarding the authors’ affiliation is taken from the address field of the bibliographical reference appearing in the Web of Science database.

Articles, letters, editorials, corrections, discussions, notes, reviews and proceedings papers are included.(In relation to the latter, these are included when they are in the Web of Science database, as they are works presented in conferences that were then published in journals indexed in the database.)In terms of proceedings, those found in the “Conference Proceedings” database are not included.

Book reviews, meeting abstracts, bibliographies, biographic items, database reviews and film reviews are not included.

In January 2014, the Web of Science platform changed, with “ISI articles” remaining as those indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection option.


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