At the Universidad de La Frontera, basic and applied research projects are conducted with internal (DIUFRO) and external (FONDECYT) financing.Research projects with other external sources of financing are subject to recognition by the Office of Research upon request of the principal investigators.


Since the creation of the Universidad de La Frontera in 1981, the Office of Research has financed projects that endeavor to strengthen the scientific research activities within the Institution.Assessments of projects in the Introduction to Research Project Competitions and Assessment of Proposals (DIUFRO) takes place duringexhaustive and rigorous evaluation processes with external reviewers.

The renewal of on-going projects is subject to approval of the Progress Report.Completion of the project and subsequent application for new competitive funding from the Office requires approval of the Final Report. Both reports are submitted through the Intranet under the option “Investigator”.

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The oldest of the Fondecyt competitions seeks to promote the development of national basic research, while at the same time contributing to the education of new generations of scientists and technologists.Created in 1982, it finances competitively initiatives presented by investigators with a demonstrated trajectory, no matter the area or institutional origin.

All the projects undergo a competitive process of project application, assessment and selection according to international standards and must comply with an evaluation process during their implementation.They must be executed in Chile and under the direction of a Chilean principal investigator, or a foreigner with a residence permit.

Each participant can be the principal investigator for only one on-going project, and he/she can simultaneously apply as a co-investigator of only one project in each competition.

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The need to contribute to integrating new scientists and technologists into the workforce is why FONDECYT began the post-doctoral competition, which allows recently graduated PhDs in Chile or abroad to be incorporated into the academic area.

The aim of this competition is to stimulate future productivity and scientific leadership of researchers who have attained the rank of Doctor in the three years prior to the tender, enabling their exclusive dedication to research for a period of two to three years in order to integratethem into the research environment.

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The Introduction to Research Competition, created in 2006, represents the most recent initiative to satisfy the needs of the scientific community. It responds to the growing need to educate new scientists and renew the human resources dedicated to scientific and technological research of excellence in Chile. It is aimed specifically at the new generations of professionals and graduates.

The goal is to promote and strengthen the development of scientific and technological research of excellence through the promotion of new researchers by financing research projects 2 to 3 years in duration in all areas of knowledge.

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